L Ampolla
L Ampolla (Spanish La Ampolla, cat. L'ampolla) is an ancient port town in the province of Tarragona, located on the shores of the Balearic sea, in the Delta of the Ebro river, 160 km South from Barcelona. It is nestled in Tranquility Bay (la Bahia de la Calma), and due to the shape of the Gulf of St..
La Pineda
La Pineda (La Pineda) is one of the youngest resorts of the Costa Dorada, is located 10 km from Tarragona, and 100 km South of Barcelona. Its name it owes to the unique Mediterranean pine trees, the stone pine is extensively grown in this region. This city stretches along the long strip of sandy bea..
Miami Playa
This small Sunny town, once a fishing village, is located on the coast of the Costa Blanca, 25 km South from the provincial capital of Tarragona, between the blue Mediterranean sea and mountain ranges covered with pine forests. The town itself is quiet and low rise, the night life here, a bit: inst..
Moncófar (Spanish Moncófar, Valencia and officially Moncofa) is the oldest Spanish town on the Mediterranean coast, located 30 km South of the capital of the province of castellón and 50 km North of Valencia. During the Roman Empire the city was at the crossroads of transport a..
Moraira (Moraira) is a quaint coastal town located a few kilometers South of jávea, between Valencia (106 km) and Alicante (85 km). The appearance of the city is almost not changed with the historical times still preserved the atmosphere of the fishery. The coast of Moraira has many sandy b..
Oliva (Oliva) has absorbed all the best than Spanish resorts are famous for: beaches, hotels, plantations of orange trees, the mountains and the lush vegetation of the Mediterranean. And Yes, agree, it's hard to imagine a more appropriate name for the resort, the typical Spanish olive. The resort o..
Oropesa del Mar
A small Spanish town of Oropesa del Mar (Oropesa del Mar) is on the Mediterranean coast of the Costa Azahar, in Eastern Spain, in castellón province, 80 kilometers North of Valencia. It would seem – this is a typical Mediterranean village, which many on this coast. However, this is not..
Peníscola (Peñíscola), one of the most picturesque towns on the Costa del Azahar, which translates as "coast of flowers of orange tree", the pearl resort and the capital of the Autonomous region of Valencia. If You are traveling along the Mediterranean coast of Spain from Valenc..
The Suburbs Of Valencia
Inmorusa offers for sale villas, mansions, farms and estates suburban areas of Valencia. Bétera (Bétera), La Eliana (Eliana La), San Antonio de Benageber (San Antonio de Benagéber), Torrent (Torrent) is a young fast-growing centres, is almost entirely composed of modern urbaniz..
Seaside resorts of Barcelona (Costa del Garraf)
Costa del Garraf (Costa del Garraf) is a resort zone of Barcelona is part of the Mediterranean coast of Catalonia, extending 50 km to the South from the Catalan capital from the mouth of the river Llobregat to the city Cubellеs, after passing which You will enter in another famous Spa country &ndash..
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  • Valencia
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Classical style Villa in the suburbs of Valencia (Chiva). ID1429
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  • 3 bedroom(s)
  • 550 m2
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New luxury Villa in Cumbre del Sol (Alicante) ID1288
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  • 4 bedroom(s)
  • 356 m2
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